Hi, I am Elaine.

I have been shooting faces for 17 years for families, actors, athletes, professionals and more. I’ve shot outdoors, in a natural light studio, and now in my own strobe-lit studio.

Even though photography is my passion, my first love was acting. I received a bachelor of arts in theatre at CSUN. Before that, I had a fascination with the internet and making web pages. I taught myself to use photoshop and the basics of html. My obsession for the internet and graphic design lead me to an internship at Paramount Digital Entertainment, a division responsible for websites for Paramount shows. For the next 5 years, I got to work on the Paramount Studio lot, helping to create graphics and story content for Entertainment Tonight Online. Here I also got experience interviewing celebrities for new film releases.

After Paramount, I shifted back to pursuing a career in acting. I found a niche area in commercial background and stand-in work to keep me busy while I fell into my photography, specifically headshots. Creating headshots was the perfect combination of everything I loved: acting, visual art, and movie making. 

With headshots, there is a collaboration with the actor and photographer, and a good headshot will quickly convey a feeling, character and a situation, in a well-lit composition.  

My studio is located in a neighborhood northeast of Downtown Los Angeles.  A makeup artist is not required for my shoots, however I have found that the best results are usually achieved when a professional make up artist is involved. I have a list of great make up artists that have worked with here, or if you have a make up artist you prefer to work with you may bring them.

Please feel free to email me with any questions!

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